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Process Technician
  Summary: Maintaining and improving injection molding & secondary processes that allow us to meet or exceed production efficiencies.
JOB SUMMARY: This position has the responsibility of maintaining and improving injection molding & secondary processes that allow us to meet or exceed production efficiencies while providing our customer base with quality parts and assure all safety and housekeeping procedures are followed.

• Process and trouble shoot injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment, start up/shut down equipment
• Process improvement, find ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency
• Knowledge of resin process temperatures and drying temperatures
• Trouble shoot machinery in order to produce high quality parts to meet specifications
• Responsible for meeting or exceeding company standards for efficiency and utilization.
• Verify process parameters and implement changes as appropriate to improve cycle times.
• Work with Shift Supervisor and Quality Department on approval of start-up parts
• Monitor process and work station information as presented in mold setup sheets and insure accuracy and conformance to company standards.
• Aid in fixtures, conveyer systems, robotics as necessary to meet or improve standards
• Work in conjunction with the Quality department to improve process control.
• Trouble-shoot processing problems including normal adjustments and checks.
• Ensure injection molding machines, and supporting automated systems, are set to parameters contained within process books.
• Assure scrap issues are addressed and fixed in a timely manner.
• Assure housekeeping standards are met.
• Create and maintain an environment for a safe and healthy workforce.
• Physical Demands:
o Able to apply force
o Able to climb up and down machine, multiple times a day
o Able to climb up ladder, multiple times a day
• Performs other duties as assigned.
Bryan Newhart:
     cell: (216) 440-9971
     office: (330) 544-7171
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